Privacy Policy

Delighted inc. (hereinafter referred to as the  “Company”) will handle our clients personal information based on this “Privacy Policy”. In order for our clients to use “RECEPTIONIST” and other services that the Company operates (hereinafter referred to as the “Services”), clients need to read and agree on this “Privacy Policy”. If clients cannot agree, the Company will decline access and usage of the Services.


Regarding Personal Information


Personal Information refers to information which can be used to identify an individual client, and includes the following details. ・Name, Date of Birth, Sex, Occupation and Organization Name, other information used to identify specific individuals, along with address, phone number, account information (email address and password), credit card, nickname, hobby, family structure, age, and other relative information about the individual.・Information which is obtained when the client agrees to link the Services to Google, Slack, Chatwork, or other services, and enters the ID and password of each service; name, nickname, email address, ID, date of birth, sex, profile picture, schedule information, and other information registered onto the account of each service.


Regarding Usage Information


Usage Information refers to the following information regarding the usage of the Services.


・Content, date of usage, usage count, client’s actions during usage,  history, situation information (includes the third party’s name, email address, occupation and organization name, and other information which the client registered and information related to the appointment)


・Location information of client.

・Posts, pictures, and other information posted on the Service by client.

・Information regarding the payment status of client.


Regarding collection of acquired information


The Company may collect personal information and usage information (hereinafter referred to as the “acquired information) of clients by the following methods.


・Collecting acquired information by asking clients to enter information through the Service.

・Asking clients to send email, mail, or letters to the Company about acquired information.

・Collecting the history data during usage of the Service. The information includes URLs, type of browser or phone, IP address, and location information.


・Collecting registered information from other linked services, only when the client has agreed on linking other services.


Regarding Management of Acquired Information.


・The person in charge of managing and using acquired information in the Company will strictly operate the management, and will have great caution to prevent unauthorized access, loss, disclosure, and manipulation of personal information.


Personal Information Protection Manager


Position : COO

Name : Takahiro Mayumi

Department : Development

Contact Number :  03-6455-3193


Regarding Purpose of Acquired Information


The Company will use the acquired information for the purpose notified to the clients during the process of the collection, the purpose established in the Terms of Use, or the following purposes.


・To send contact or send information about the Service


・To provide the Service


・To simplify the user registration process of the Service


・To send confirmation emails


・To simplify the data registration process of the Service


・To confirm the charge and payment of the Service


・To send rewards for cooperation to surveys, etc.


・To send prizes for compensation


・To investigate and analyze the usage situation of the Service


・To update or fix the content of the Service for more satisfaction, or for development of a new service


・To customize the content of the Service according to each client


・To investigate the level of satisfaction regarding the Service


・To use the acquired information as a survey result


・To send notifications of the Service, a new service, or other services


・To ask for participation of a survey or event, and to report the result of them


・To resolve any problems regarding the operation of the Service


Regarding Disclosure of acquired information to third party


The Company will disclose acquired information to third parties in the following situations.


・When the Company decides it is necessary for providing the Service.

Clients may use this information according to the Terms of Use, and cannot disclose the information to a third party without a prior consent from each client.

The usage history and acquired information will be available to the set clients for the period that the Company determines.


・When the Company decides it is necessary to operate and provide the Service


・When disclosing the information to the payment agency, subcontractors, or other third parties for dealing with inquiries from clients, sending inquiries to the clients from the Company, and providing after service.


・When acquired information is requested by a court, an administrative body, the competent authorities, or other public institutions.


・When the Company decides it is necessary to disclose information to solve dispute between a third party, or to protect the rights or profit of users or third parties.


・When disclosing the information to a subcontractor for investigating and analyzing the usage status of the Service.


・When the company commissions a third party to handle all or a part of personal information


・For distribution and display of advertisement of the Company or a third party.


・When disclosing acquired information in other situation upon the consent of clients


Regarding the use of Cookie


・The Cookie information itself cannot be used to identify a specific individual. When used together with personal information, it will be recognized as personal information.


・Each client is able choose whether to allow the use of cookie or not. Most web browsers are set to automatically allow the use of cookie. However, it is possible to change the setting on the browser to prohibit the use of cookie. If a client prohibits the use of cookie, the client may not be able to properly use the service, or the advertisement setting may not be reflected.


The Company will automatically receive cookie information, viewed advertisement or page, or usage environment from the browser of the client, record them on the server, and use them to increase convenience during login, to maintain and protect the session, or to consider a new service.


Regarding the use of Log


The Company will collect the IP address, browser type, and browser language that is automatically generated during the use of the Service. This information will be used to analyze the user environment, to provide a better service, and to protect the service from fraud. The recording related to searches will be saved and managed in a form in which it will not be able to specify an individual, and will be used to create statistic data.


Regarding usage of device information


The company may collect device information such as the individual identification information of the device. This information will be used to provide a better service and to protect the service from fraud.


Revision of personal information by the Company


When there is an alteration of information upon billing such as the name of the city, postal code, the name of the financial institution or the expiration date of the credit card, the Company may change the registered personal information.


Management and security of personal information


The company preserves acquired information in a server inaccessible from normal users, and will have great caution to prevent unauthorized access, loss, disclosure, and manipulation of personal information.


Disclaimer and Notes

The Company does not hold any responsibility to the protection of acquired information of linked services.


Please use the particular services upon confirming the content of the service.


The Company does not hold any responsibility when the client or a third party receives damage from a hacker or other fraud actions.


Please carefully store the information used for identification to prevent loss or being accessed by a third party.


Regarding information of under aged clients


When the client is under aged, parents or guardians shall consent to the content of the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, and agree on the client using this Service.


Regarding access from overseas


Please refrain from accessing this Service from regions or countries which prohibit the usage, management, and operation method or the content of the Service.


Regarding modification of Privacy Policy and confirmation of the newest Privacy Policy


Please note that we review our privacy practices from time to time, and that these practices are subject to change.


Please check the newest edition of the Privacy Policy before accessing the Service.


When a client uses the Service, the client shall be deemed to have consented to the new edition of the Privacy Policy.


Regarding procedure of disclosure, revision, and suspension of use of personal information

Clients may request disclosure, revision, and suspension of use of personal information in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.




If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this Privacy Policy or our other privacy policies or practices, please contact us via email to